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Pour up a glass of wine and snuggle in to your favorite spot for a weekly girl talk about Black women, our healing, and manifestation. Unicorns Talk Podcast is for life-livers, life-lovers, and life-enhancers. Join host, Latrice Sampson Richards, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach, as we inspire each other with our stories, get real about our struggles, and learn the skills we need to move our lives forward.

Feb 20, 2019

#Blacklove can be a complicated, and joyful topic.   I’m excited to see it moving into the mainstream cultural conversation through shows like “Black Love” on Oprah’s OWN network. Still, I think the conversation needs to be expanded to include not only heterosexual romantic relationships, but also the ways that we love ourselves and each other on a daily basis.

Today, Im talking with Bro Shack, one half of True Love Movement, to discuss what it means to love and be loved as a Black person. We do a deep-dive into the cultural history of blackness and the ways slavery has impacted our understanding of what it means to love others, but maybe more importantly, what it means to love ourselves.

Bro Shack brings a deep love for the Black community to the show, and his takes on the multi-generational blocks to self-love have a lot to offer the current cultural conversation around blackness.

We’ll discuss:

  • Why it’s critical to understand the cultural legacy of slavery and the way it manipulated Black people into unhealthy love patterns
  • The concept of unconditional love and whether or not we should pursue it
  • Core vs PRN people in your life
  • Disassociation and how it impedes self-love
  • Working through the differences between your ego and your true self
  • Gentleness and how it relates to “tough love”


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This month I’m listening to “Shook One”, by Charlamagne tha God. It is a very interesting perspective on anxiety in the black community.  

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Latrice Sampson Richards is a mental and emotional wellness creative, licensed professional counselor, and certified life-enhancement coach.  

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